Starlight Cases

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Starlight Cases Standard FoamHex-A-Pluck foam is our standard foam issued with each case. A pre-scored polyurethane foam with six sides makes custom fitting your items a snap. Simply lay out your item you want to protect, press down into the foam, and pull out the foam that sinks down. Presto!!- a custom fit. We use solid polyurethane foam in our SC-061338 and SC-061352 simply because the items normally used in these cases are heavier than the items in our smaller cases. Rifles, shotguns, etc. need to be protected with a stronger density, thus no pre-cut foam for those cases.

Starlight Cases Replacement Foam

High Density Polyethylene Foam

Starlight Cases Standard Foam-

Custom Cut Foam

If you need a special configured cushion for a particular project that needs a soft or hard case, NIPI has the capabilities to transform your sketches, drawings, equipment, and/or ideas to design and engineer special product to meet your requirements and protect your equipment in an appealing manner. Working with the latest technology, our engineers can provide innovative, intelligent and practical solutions at a reasonable cost to fit your manufacturing needs.

All of our custom cut options are made using our High Density Polyethylene Foam.

Starlight Cases Replacement Foam