Starlight Cases

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Frequently Asked Questions About STARLIGHT CASES™:

Q: Do Starlight Cases™ meet ATA requirements for air travel?
A: Absolutely. Actually, Starlight Cases™ far exceed the requirements set forth by the ATA. Starlight Cases even exceed stringent military requirements of MIL-C 4150J, making us the choice of military applications of armed forces and special forces teams around the world. If Starlight Cases™ are strong enough to handle the temperatures of the desert, water use by the forces, and high impact of international travel the baggage guys don't have a chance!!!

Q: What makes Starlight Cases™ so strong yet lightweight?
A: A specially formulated polymer resin was designed for the Starlight Case™ line making them able to withstand much more abuse than the typical ABS plastic case. The chemical make-up of the resin allows the case to be unusually lightweight compared to other plastics.

Q: What are the wheel kits and on what cases are they available?
A: The wheel kit was designed for the traveler in mind or even someone transporting heavy items over a considerable distance. Roller blade wheels are attached at one end of the case while a steel spring-loaded handle is installed on the opposite end for pulling. The wheels are extended for maneuverability and smooth rolling to your destination. The wheels are also detachable for storage. Simply replace the bolts and rubber washers to maintain the case's airtight/watertight integrity. Wheels are available on the Toolbox, SC-061338, SC-061352, and the SC-091220.

Q: What makes Starlight Cases™ airtight/watertight?
A: An O'ring seal around the bottom of each case insures your items will be safe and dry.

Q: What does the pressure valve do?
A: Starlight Cases™ uses a state-of-the-art pressure equalization valve to compensate for the pressure inside the case caused by change of altitude, temperature changes and extemes, and high impact. Many cases have a simple screw they call a purge valve, but this is an actual pressure equalization valve-- nothing like it on the market.

Q: What is "Hex-A-Pluck" foam?
A: Hex-A-Pluck foam is our standard foam issued with each case. A pre-scored polyurethane foam with six sides makes custom fitting your items a snap. Simply lay out your item you want to protect, press down into the foam, and pull out the foam that sinks down. Presto!!- a custom fit. We use solid polyurethane foam in our SC-061338 and SC-061352 simply because the items normally used in these cases are heavier than the items in our smaller cases. Rifles, shotguns, etc. need to be protected with a stronger density, thus no pre-cut foam for those cases.

Q: What if I need to order more foam or a replacement O'ring?
A: Give us a call, we always carry extra components for that purpose. 

Q: Are the cases stackable?
A: Yes. Starlight Cases™ have a strength contoured interlocking stackable design allowing easy storage with much less space.