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About Starlight Cases™

NEW INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS, INC. (NIPI), manufacturers of Starlight Cases™, was established in 1994 to design and manufacture unique products to help solve critical packaging problems in military, industrial, sporting goods and the marine markets. Starlight Cases continues to regularly provide sales and superior service to all branches of military units, law enforcement and civilian customers worldwide.

Steve Ramos

Chairman/Vice President Design and Production


B.S. NAVAL SCIENCE/Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical Engineering
  U.S. NAVAL Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

M.S. Operations Research/Management Science/Systems Engineering
  American University, Washington, District of Columbia

M.S. Nuclear Reactor Engineering/Physics (Equivalent)
  Combination of U.S. NAVY Advanced Nuclear Power Training Program at New London, Connecticut
  and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  Designated a “Reactor Engineer” by Admiral Rickover through a special program that completed two
  (2) years of graduate advanced engineering in six months.

M.S. Oceanography/Ocean Engineering (Equivalent)
  Combination of extensive U.S. NAVY operations experience in Project CAESAR conducting and
  developing new techniques for Bathymetric, Hydrographic and Acoustic surveys that covered most
  of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean areas; University of Washington Extension Graduate Program at
  Seattle, Washington; and Extensive training at Western Electric Laboratories at Winston Salem,
  North Carolina and A.T. & T. Research and Development Laboratories at Whippany, New Jersey.

  Advanced Submarine Officers School Submarine Electronics School Submarine Prospective
  Commanding Officers School Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Prospective Commanding Officers
  School Advanced Submarine Officers Nuclear Power School


  Various from seaman to Command of a Nuclear Submarine to Commodore during a three (3) year
  tour of duty of TASK GROUP 24.11 and 81.3 which comprised from four to twenty-six ships and
  various Patrol Craft squadrons.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commissions:
  Various positions including Senior Reactor Operations Inspector, Technical Assistant to Division
  Director for Inspections, Chief Emergency Preparedness Development Branch, Program Appraisal
  Team Section Chief, Incident Response Section Chief & Research Test Reactor Licensing Engineer.
  Co-authored a two (2) volume set of books published by the International Atomic Energy Agency on
  reducing reactor fuels in Research and Test Reactors world wide from High to Low enriched.


  Chairman, Vice-President and founder of the company that manufactures STARLIGHT CASES. He is
  a service disabled veteran of the VIETNAM and KOREAN WARS. He is responsible for marketing,
  sales and engineering efforts to obtain Government and Military Markets for sensitive electronics,
  night vision, thermal imaging and thermal weapons equipment. Assists commercial companies in the
  design of packaging for their equipment and developing new products using a proprietary resin.


  Mr. Ramos has over twenty-three years experience in submarine warfare, nuclear engineering and
  nuclear reactor operations, Task Group Commander for Oceanographic Research and the
  installation of more than 10,000 miles of ocean communications cable and the surveying of more
  than 100 million square miles of the pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and Antisubmarine Warfare. During
  his various tours, he designed and directed several notable projects such as the Submarine
  Launched One-Way Transmitter (SLOT) buoy, development of a revolutionary method for replacing
  batteries in nuclear submarines that allowed a battery replacement in only (8) days thus saving 83
  days of otherwise dead time and redesigned several features of the submarine trailing wire antenna
  that greatly improved its operation and usability.

  After leaving the U.S. NAVY, he joined the staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and
  served in various positions. The THREE MILE ISLAND, PA nuclear power reactor incident permitted
  him to participate in the clean up and with that experience was named Branch Chief of Emergency
  Preparedness Development with the direction to determine the actual level of emergency
  preparedness at all U.S. Nuclear Power Reactors; and, using these results, develop new procedures
  and regulations for the handling of nuclear reactor emergencies.

  Since leaving the NRC, Mr. Ramos has worked in various positions in marketing, sales and
  engineering of high impact resin products. Through experimentation, he was able to develop a resin
  that permitted the replacement of aluminum cases and containers with cases made from this resin.
  He has more than ten (10) years experience in the Plastics Technology Business and has been
  recognized by the Society of Plastic’s Engineering.


  Legion of Merit (2)

  Meritorious Service Medal

  NAVY Commendation Medal (2)

  NAVY Unit Commendation and Meritorious Unit Commendations (4)

  Recommended for the Distinguished Service Medal, But retired prior to receiving final approval.